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SA Prestige Awards – Mediation firm of the Year

23 Feb, 2023Blog

We were honoured to receive this award from Prestigious Award!

This was the writeup accompanying the award:

“Fair Practice was established in 2013 as an opportunity for clients to access justice through mediation more quickly. Being a client centric venture, the Johannesburg-based company recognise that people need a safe and confidential environment within which to engage directly with one other. Owner and CEO Veerash Srikison built her business on a collaborative approach and offers dispute resolution services which work hand-in-hand with clients to help reduce the traumatising experiences that conflict can trigger.
Their motto – communication builds collaboration – is indicative of this endeavour and demonstrates the company’s dedication to ensuring clients feel heard and understood.

“The judges were particularly impressed by the efforts made at Fair Practice to tailor their services according to the specific needs of their clients. A notable factor here is the team of wellness experts whose expertise can help those that need it most. Psychologists and healing practitioners enable Fair Practice to go above and beyond being a mediation service, helping its clients find peace and calm – dispersing their anxieties.

“Combined with the supportive and personable nature of the resolution team, those that use Fair Practice’s service will discover a system support that has been crafted to their specific circumstances.”

Thank you for your support in the work that we do! Our success is because of the incredible people who believe in our purpose. Gratitude to you.

Prestige Awards Winner - Mediation Firm of the Year

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