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Fair Practice is affiliated to institutes both nationally and internationally as a provider of interactive workshops, training programs and talks in all areas related to conflict management and dispute resolution.

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Fair Practice’s mediation and negotiation training programs are affiliated to various academies and institutes including the Arbitration Foundation of South Africa (AFSA).

Our Mediation Skills training programme complies with the skill set needed to be regarded as a mediator in terms of Rule 70 of the Magistrates Court Rules and Rule 41A of the High Court Rules of South Africa.

Our training team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to every training session which is conducted online or where feasible in-person.


We have developed interactive workshops to address issues related to the impact conflict has on the mindset and personal growth of disputants. We have been invited by corporates to work with their staff in developing an understanding of mediation practices and how it would improve the relationship within the work environment.

We have also been tasked to deliver workshops for corporates on special events days which include Negotiation Skills for Women, Your Responsibilities and Rights as an Unmarried Parent and Practicing Mindfulness during Office Hours.

Our communication skills workshops for parents who want to maintain constructive relationships with their children has been developed to address conflicts within the home between parent and child. Based on our workshops for parents on discipline and communicating with children the following conference paper was presented at the African Regional Child Trauma Conference 2019.

We have since provided Masterclasses for parents on handling communication challenges between each other and with their children during the process of divorce and separation.

We have successfully run our Demystifying Divorce Mediation workshop since 2015 for people who want to better understand their options and the legal processes involved when contemplating a divorce or are in divorce proceedings but are unsure of their responsibilities and rights. This workshop provides the areas of negotiation and psychological aspects that must be considered when making decisions involving the parenting plan, maintenance, division of assets and obtaining the voice of the child. Our multi-disciplinary team will give you coping mechanisms to manage the trauma divorces bring and the uncertainty when navigating the legal process.


Members of our team engage on various media platforms and at various conferences endorsing the Fair Practice approach to dispute resolution while providing legal information to our audiences. Our professionals provide lectures and talks for the Faculty of Law within higher education institutes.

Our team members are available to engage with you and your group/organisation to host talks related to dispute resolution and conflict resolution wellness. After consultation with you, we will create talks and programs specific for your audience.

We are available online and in-person to engage with your audience.

Should you require a specific program to be developed for your group of attendees or employees please contact our offices to discuss how we can help you.

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What clients say


Adv Eric Nwedo

AFSA is delighted to have the services of Veerash Srikison as the Senior Presenter of its Negotiation and Mediation modules. Veerash has a well deserved reputation as an expert in these fields.

Adv Michael Kuper SC
Chairman of AFSA and CAJAC

Adv Eric Nwedo

“In August 2019, I attended one of Veerash’s mediation training courses and enjoyed her deep knowledge and insight into mediation. She struck a very good balance between theory and practical application of various concepts. Therefore, I highly recommend Veerash for mediation training.”

Adv Eric Nwedo
Director & Founding Chairman, Gundo Management Consulting (PTY) LTD

Judith Griesel

“I have attended Mediation training presented by Veerash and I was impressed by her depth of knowledge and approachability. She conveyed the theory of the mediation process, but made the contents very practical for all the delegates. I would recommend her for this type of training without reservation.”

Judith Griesel
Labour Law Consultant, GRIESSEL CONSULTING


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