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With specialised knowledge and extensive experience in their respective fields, our team not only brings legal know-how but also a passion for making the process flexible while ensuring tailored and effective solutions for a diverse range of disputes. Discover the friendly faces behind our commitment to resolving disputes efficiently and amicably making us your go-to partner for navigating disputes with confidence and ease.


Alternate Dispute Resolution

ADR Team

Meet our extraordinary Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) team, your dedicated allies in resolving conflicts led by the seasoned and accomplished Adv Veerash Srikison. With expertise spanning labour, commercial, and family law, our team is dedicated to providing you with an effective and client-friendly conflict resolution process.

Devina Nadarajan Perumal - Family Law

Adv. Devina Perumal

Area of Law:


Lerato Molete - Generarl commercial law, pensions law, tax law, employment law, ICT regulatory litigation, procurement law, constitutional law and administrative law.

Adv. Lerato Molete

Area of Law:

Commercial, Pensions, Tax, Employment, ICT Regulatory, Procurement, Constitutional and Administrative

Inbam Pillay - Employment/Labour and Family Law

Inbam Pillay

Area of Law:

Employment/Labour and Family

Adv. Devina Nadarajan Perumal - Family Law
  • Symbol goldAdv. Devina Perumal

What makes Adv. Devina's legal expertise unique and valuable

  1. Extensive practice experience in family law.
  2. Served as legal advisor for the Advice Desk for Abused Women since its inception in KwaZulu-Natal.
  3. Facilitated series of workshops in KwaZulu-Natal relating to most aspects of family law: Divorce Act 70 of 197Marriage Act 25 of 1961, The Domestic Violence Act 116 of 1998 & Amendment Act 14 of 2021 & The Children’s Act of 2005 in my capacity as a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Law, University of KwaZulu-Natal,Durban.
  4. Provided extensive input on current State law Initiatives regarding amendments to the Marriage Act of 1961 conducted by Department of Home Affairs. In particular input regarding a Single Marriage Statute or OmnibStatute. Attended all workshops at the invitation of the Department of Home Affairs. Similar participation ancontribution to the Advisory Committee Project 160 on the suggested amendments to the Matrimonial Property Act 1984.

Professional experience and accomplishments

Devina has spent most of her career across the academic and practice fields. During this time, she has acquired extensive experience in researching developments in various disciplines of law, with a particular interest in Family law. She is highly skilled, in this regard, in her comprehensive understanding and application of the law in practice. Her expertise has led to her involvement in Judges and Magistrates Training workshops in which Devina is relied upon for providing legal case law updates when called upon. Devina has presented papers both Nationally and Internationally In the field of family law, law of delict and constitutional law with specific emphasis on achieving substantive gender equality in the sphere of personal laws. She Is currently completing her PHD at the University of Cape Town, researching overcoming the conflict between religious rights and gender equality with respect of the legal non-recognition of Hindu marriages for the purposes of divorce.

She has served as an assessor in the Durban High Court alongside Justice A Jappie (retired Judge President, KZN), in criminal matters involving domestic violence and family murders. She has served as Chairperson of Disciplinary Matters arising between staff, and students and staff for three 5-year terms at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, where she proved herself to be an accomplished listener, and fair in her resolution of those matters. As an AFSA trained arbitrator and mediator, Devina has equipped herself with alternative dispute resolution skills which has now become a practice directive in certain divisions of the court's jurisdiction to resolve family disputes arising from divorce and custody disputes through family mediation. Devina has a confident and vibrant manner, who demonstrates the ability to engage with her work demands with a temperate and empathic disposition. She brings to the Fair Practice team, her extensive experience with the ability to effectively manage the demands of family mediation, which she continues to evolve through enhancing her skills with further training and development.

Formal education, qualifications and achievements or awards.

  • BA, (Hons), MA - University of Durban Westville
  • LLB - University of Natal
  • Advocate of the High Court of South Africa
  • Accredited Mediator and Arbitrator (with Distinction from the Arbitration Foundation of South Africa, Panel Member)
  • Divorce Mediation

Lerato Molete - General commercial law, pensions law, tax law, employment law, ICT regulatory litigation, procurement law, constitutional law and administrative law.
  • Symbol goldAdv. Lerato Molete

What makes Lerato's legal expertise unique and valuable

  1. Versatility and adaptable: Having worked as an Attorney, in-house Senior Legal Advisor, now an Advocate and Alternative Dispute Resolution Practitioner (ADR practitioner has equiped me with the ability to transition between the different roles. Transitioning into these roles demands versatility and adaptability. Each role requires distinct skills, such as drafting legal documents, providing strategic counsel, arguing cases in court as well as facilitating or being a party in alternative dispute resolution. These diverse legal functions demonstrate my adaptability and capacity to tailor my expertise to meet the specific needs of clients/parties and cases.
  2. Comprehensive understanding of legal processes: With experience as an Attorney, in-house Senior Legal Advisor, Counsel and ADR practitioner I possess deep understanding of legal processes from various perspectives. I have experienced the day-to-day workings of different legal roles, gaining insight into transactional, advisory, and alternative dispute resolution and litigious aspects of law. This breadth of experience enables me to approach issues holistically, offering well-rounded solutions to clients.
  3. Strategic insight and problem-solving skill: I have encountered a variety of legal challenges and complexities. This has equipped me with strategic insight and refined problem-solving skills. Having been on a side of a lawyer and a client helps me to anticipate potential obstacles, devise creative solutions, and navigate legal complexities effectively. Whether advising clients on risk management strategies, negotiating settlements or presenting compelling arguments in court, my strategic acumen sets me apart and adds value to my legal expertise.
  4. Client-centric focus and relationship building: Over the course my career, I have developed strong client relationships based on trust, reliability, and results. I understand the importance of client satisfaction and effective legal services. My ability to build and nurture lasting client relationships distinguishes me as a trusted person rand enhances the value of their expertise.
  5. Holistic approach to dispute resolution: As both Counsel and accredited ADR Practitioner I bring unique perspective to dispute resolution. I understand the nuances of mediation and arbitration proceedings as well as the litigation tactics and courtroom dynamics. This dual expertise allows me to give guidance the spectrum of dispute resolution options, advising on the most effective strategies to achieve favourable outcomes. I believe this enhances my effectiveness and credibility in resolving legal disputes.

Professional experience and accomplishments

Lerato Molete is an Advocate and an AFSA accredited Alternative Dispute Resolution Practitioner, affiliated with the Johannesburg Bar as an Advocate.

With a wealth of legal experience spanning over two decades, Lerato's areas of practice include (but not limited) to general commercial and civil litigation in pensions law, tax law , employment law, ICT regulatory litigation, procurement law, constitutional law and administrative law.

Prior to joining the Bar Lerato practised as an Attorney. She subsequently served in various capacities, including as a Senior Manager in Legal Services for the Department of Communications and Digital Technologies, an Assistant Pension Funds Adjudicator and as a Manager for Special Legal Projects at the Government Pensions Administration Agency.

Lerato Molete diverse background, combined with her extensive legal knowledge and experience, positions her as a trusted Counsel and ADR Practitioner in navigating complex disputes.

Formal education, qualifications and achievements or awards.

  • Advocate at Johannesburg Society of Advocates.
  • AFSA Accredited Arbitrator & Mediator.
  • Member of Pensions Lawyers Association.
  • LLB Degree.
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Telecommunications Law.
  • Advanced Certificate in Telecommunications Policy, Regulation and Management.
  • Certificate in Advanced Alternative Dispute Resolution.
  • Continuous professional development, including, Anti-Corruption, Legislative Drafting, Coaching and Contract Drafting.

Inbam Pillay - Employment/Labour and Family Law
  • Symbol goldInbam Pillay

What makes Inbam's legal expertise unique and valuable

  1. Currently working as an independent management consultant specialising workplace conflict resolution at a team and executive leadership level and leadership development and transformation.
  2. Extensive experience across the employment law value chain; as an attorney, arbitrator, management consultant and as a corporate executive.
  3. Highly experienced in strategic labour law and human resources transformation in large organisations.
  4. Extensive experience of highly unionised environments of large employers and in the negotiation of complex collective agreements.
  5. A skilled and highly experienced facilitator and currently delivers leadership modules in employment law and human resources for business schools.

Professional experience and accomplishments

Inbam is a highly experienced management consultant in the field of employment/labour law, human resources transformation and leadership development. She has highly skilled and trained in dealing with workplace conflict, using alternate dispute resolution skills and techniques. Inbam is vibrant and confident and can engage at all levels within an organisation. As an accredited mediator and arbitrator and a former HR Executive, she is adept at facilitating executive management and team conflict in highly unionized workplaces. She is able to navigate and support early-stage conflict mitigation in teams and between executives using mediation and coaching techniques. This proactive approach enables and prevents the potential negative impact of employee conflict on productivity and morale in an organisation.

She is proponent of collaborative leadership and leading with diversity in the current disrupted and transforming world of work. As a certified Lumina Leadership coach and practitioner, she uses the tool to facilitate leadership development on how best to manage and leverage diversity and inclusivity in a team. She currently teaches a Masterclass on both these topics to cohorts completing a leadership development programme for two clients (OMNI HR Consulting and Regent Business School). In addition, she conducts a leadership transformation programme for the African Women in Law on behalf of the Vance Institute. Prior to working as an independent management consultant, Inbam led a 65-person strong multi-generational team that were based across the country, using the principles of collaborative and inclusive leadership.

Formal education, qualifications and achievements or awards.

  • BA, LLB, LLM, Attorney of the High Court of South Africa
  • Accredited Mediator and Arbitrator (with Distinction from the Arbitration Foundation of South Africa, Panel member)
  • Divorce Mediation
  • Leadership Coach (Lumina)
  • Franklin Covey Facilitator (Seven Habits of Highly Effective Leaders)

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