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Conflict Resolution Wellness

The Fair Practice Conflict Resolution Wellness division supports our clients cope with the inner emotional turmoil they may be experiencing while in a dispute.

Conflict Resolution Wellness

We Care About Your Wellbeing

Our affiliated team of psychologists, therapists and healing practitioners provide the mental health care needed according to the requirements of our clients.

Being in a dispute will cause inner turmoil and personal conflict within oneself. We understand that in most instances there will be an ongoing relationship between our clients, so together with our mental health practitioners and therapists we host workshops, or one-on-one sessions, in creating mechanisms to assist you develop the inner peace and calm that has been missing for a while.

Where needed our trained specialists will offer one-on-one therapy/coaching/healing services online or in person to each client in parallel with the Fair Practice dispute resolution services they are engaged in. Our mental health services include assisting clients, and if need be their family members, deal with the trauma inflicted in high conflict disputes, handling loss of employment, dealing with difficult conversations and anxiety, turning negative experiences into positive growth journeys.

Wellness Services

Workshops & Coaching

Legal Services Workshop Training Speaking

Effective Communication Skills in a Negotiation


Learn how to weigh your options and alternatives so that you prepare adequately for any negotiation to avoid “buyer’s remorse.”

Virtual Mediation Negotiation Dispute Resolution

Demystifying the Divorce Process


If you are thinking of getting divorced or in the middle of the process this workshop, will help you prepare and gather information required in terms of drafting the parenting plan, maintenace calculations and division of assets to be used in mediation and court processes.

Mediation Dispute Resolution

One-on-One Holistic Coaching


By collaborating the mediation process with holistic coaching, this approach will provide personal wellness to ease the feelings of despair. This service is also available to any professional struggling to cope with their work stresses and anxieties.

Wellness Affiliates

The Psychology Couch
Matla a Bana
Listen & Read

Helpful Resources

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How To Communicate With Frustrated Children During Lockdown

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What Should Parental Authority Mean To Today’s Child?

What Should Parental Authority Mean To Today’s Child?

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