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We offer cost effective legal care, including mediation and negotiation, which benefits our clients and ensures fair process.
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What we do

Our Practice Areas

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Through our impartial third party consensus building process our clients are empowered to negotiate their own realistic outcomes for their particular circumstances, taking away the stresses of long costly legal battles.



Our team is available to assist prepare negotiation strategies and/or to host talks related to endorsing the collaborative interst-based approach to negotiating effectively.


Workplace Disputes

We provide suitably qualified facilitators and mediators who can assist corporates and institutes resolve workplace disputes so that they can maintain a productive work environment.


Disciplinary Hearings

As part of our corporate involvement, we offer the services of impartial chairpersons for all types of disputes and grievances.


Training & Workshops

We provide in-person and online training programs in all aspects of methods of dispute resolution alternate to litigation, in accordance with both national and international standards of content.

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Conflict Resolution Wellness

We understand that our clients will experience intrapersonal conflict while in a dispute, our wellness programs, conducted by our mental health practitioners, coaches and therapists, provide emotional support for our clients.

Wh0 we are

We Resolve Disputes

Fair Practice is a South African based dispute resolutions organisation offering bespoke services including mediation and negotiation. Our clients benefit from legal care that ensures a cost-effective, fair process and realistic outcome. We also offer training in Mediation, Negotiation and Mediation Advocacy to enhance conflict management skills. Our Conflict Resolution Wellness responsibility towards our clients and legal practitioners provides avenues of improving mental health well-being that enhances the communication and negotiation ability for all.

What our clients say

Client Testimonials

University of Johannesburg

“I have known Veerash for a number of years now as we have sat together in the UJ Student Disciplinary Committee either as chairpersons or assessors. I have always been impressed by not only her fair-minded approach to disciplinary matters but also her insightful contributions to the various strictly legal matters – common law and statutory law – which invariably crop up during such hearings.”

Emeritus Professor GN Barrie
Former Dean of Faculty of Law, University of Johannesburg.

University of Johannesburg

“AFSA is delighted to have the services of Veerash Srikison as the Senior Presenter of its Negotiation and Mediation modules.  Veerash has a well deserved reputation as an expert in these fields.”

Adv Michael Kuper SC
Chairman of AFSA and CAJAC
University of Johannesburg

“Adv Srikison is a sharp, trustworthy, knowledgeable, effective, and committed legal professional. She inspires confidence in her ability to conduct unbiased mediation in commercial and family law disputes. Her in-depth legal knowledge, experience and accreditation, positions her as the preferred choice in mediation of disputes.”

Yolelwa Sikunyana LLB,LLM
Managing Director Sikunyana Inc.
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Introduction to Mediation: 24 May 2024

Introduction to Mediation: 24 May 2024

Our accredited Mediation Skills Training will prepare any person to mediate disputes in any environment, including high-complex disputes in any sector.