Fair Practice

Workplace Disputes

Labour disputes always call for procedural fairness to be exhibited when handling matters related between employer and employee or between employees where impartial third parties are needed to facilitate favourable outcomes.

Workplace Disputes

Facilitating Favourable Outcomes

Disputes within any organisation or institution arise in many different ways that require outcomes to be handled in a confidential and expedient manner. We offer mediation and dispute resolution services to ensure that, with the use of our highly skilled professionals, your disputes will be handled fairly and respectfully. Through our process employees and employers will engage directly with open channels of communication, eliminating misunderstandings and exploring options and alternatives that will be appropriate to move constructively forward with. While working through the disputes our process will assist in maintaining any relationships within the workplaces to create productive and welcoming environments for everyone to thrive in, while reducing financial costs and emotional turmoil.

To further circumvent any communication challenges employers and employees have in expressing their concerns, we offer training in Negotiation, Bias within the Workplace, Mediation and Conflict Management.

Our team also provides workshops at the request of the employer to promote employee wellness and empowerment.

Where needed our mental health professionals can provide one-on-one coaching on handling any underlying stresses and anxieties employees face which affects their productivity.

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