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Fair Practice is a dispute resolutions service provider with a team of multi-disciplinary professionals who believe that communication builds collaboration and collaboration leads to commitment through fair process.

Dispute Resolution

Our Approach

When Fair Practice was initially founded in 2013, the objective was to give our clients access to justice through mediation. Over time our services have grown to include additional ways our clients can resolve their disputes through forums alternate to litigation, making litigation a last resort, if at all. Our objective is to mimimise the traumatising experiences that conflict brings, while guiding our clients all the way through to achieving a satisfying outcome.

Our Code of Fair Practice

University of Johannesburg

To always be transparent with our clients in terms of Fair Practice costs and the appropriate forum they should approach throughout their disputes.

University of Johannesburg

We work with a multidisciplinary team ensuring that the right professional serves our clients’ needs maintaining our high expectation of competence and expert skill-set from our practitioners and affiliated services.

University of Johannesburg

Our practitioners will always address any perceived conflict of interest our clients may have so as to assure our clients of impartiality as part of our dispute resolution services.

University of Johannesburg

To use an approach that promotes collaboration and effective communication that brings about mutually agreed decisions.

University of Johannesburg

We commit to do no harm to the relationship we have with our clients and the relationship our clients have with each other.


  • All Fair Practice costs are known in advance to our clients through our agreements of respective services.
  • For dispute resolution services, fees are adjusted in accordance with the complexity of the dispute and the seniority of the professional required as chosen by our clients.
  • All affiliates of Fair Practice set their own rates which are discussed directly with you.
Veerash Srikison
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Veerash Srikison

Fair Practice Founder

Veerash Srikison is an advocate by title and a collaborative lawyer and mediator by profession. She has obtained accreditations and qualifications through various institutes in South Africa and internationally in mediation and negotiation. In 2010 she chose to focus her practice in alternate ways of dispute resolution that did not begin with the anxiety driven and costly experiences brought on by litigation. With her mediation experience beginning in family/divorce mediation, her approach has always been to put the interests of the clients and any children involved above long drawn court battles. She has since gone on to mediate in corporate disputes while maintaining her approach to adopt effective communication methods in an effort to create mutual ground between disputants so that they reach outcomes they believe to be fair.

In addition to conducting herself in an impartial manner through dispute resolution services, she has gone on to train professionals in every sector on the benefits and principles of mediation and its impact on the emotional well-being of anyone in a dispute. Veerash’s expertise is globally recognised and she is often invited to judge international mediation competitions. She engages with international audiences on South Africa’s developments in moving towards placing mediation as the first ancillary approach to resolving disputes.

Her endorsement of dispute resolution that provides legal care to clients has been featured in published articles and various media platforms. She has conducted workshops within communities on negotiating realistic outcomes, addressed audiences on raising peacemakers and has been invited to speak at conferences addressing less adversarial approaches to conflict.


Fair Practice is globally recognised through its corporate partnership with ADR ODR International

ADR ODR International
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