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Our legal professional team conduct themselves as “settlement counsel” in negotiations to move clients towards reaching realistic agreements.


Reach Realistic Agreements

Our negotiators are trained in interest-based negotiation and represent clients in the capacity of “settlement counsel”. This means that the focus of our negotiating legal professionals is to assist our clients reach settlement with minimum delays while making their interests a priority. Our negotiating process is to first establish areas where agreement can be reached for both sides.

The negotiation begins at the first meeting and moves in a flexible process towards settlement. Only, as a last resort, if there are outstanding issues that require a court order will our separate team of litigating lawyers engage to take the process to court, this allows our “settlement counsels” the full opportunity to keep issues out of the courtroom as much as possible.

Our negotiators assist clients prepare for the negotiation, represent the interests and needs of our clients in the negotiation and conduct themselves in good faith to reach realistic outcomes for our clients. Our negotiators work with the other side to create agreements that is valuable for the specific needs of each side.

Some of our negotiations have involved assisting corporates keep disputes out of the courtroom to avoid unnecessary public attention, negotiating service delivery outcomes speedily so that consumers are not affected by courtroom delays and using our negotiation communication skill set to improve dialogue between service providers where deadlocks had created challenges in fulfilling contractual obligations.

Our negotiation style and practice is taught to the public through various institutes as part of our training programs. We also customise our negotiation training for our clients for their specific audiences. In our negotiation training program our delegates are taught how to prepare for a negotiation, understand their own negotiating styles, use a process of moving their clients towards a favourable outcome while reality checking their options and alternatives.

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Henk Aartsma

“Based on my experience in alternative dispute resolution, and following the successful completion of the 1-year programme in advanced alternative dispute resolution presented by the Arbitration Foundation of Southern Africa and the University of Pretoria, I can definitely recommend Veerash as a highly skilled professional providing training in both negotiation and mediation.”

Henk Aartsma
Professional Civil Engineer and Alternative Dispute Resolution

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