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Queen of Your Hive

by 15 Aug, 2017Emotional Wellbeing, Published Articles

Adv. Veerash Srikison says there is always a reason to celebrate being a woman.

I recently had the honour of addressing a Woman’s Day breakfast celebration for 450 female employees of a division of a South African bank. The room was comfortable and silent most of the time, mainly because they needed to hear the legal information I gave to them, but the occasional peals of laughter punctuated my presentation when I spoke about the realities of a day in the life of a woman. I learned later that these women, who worked in the same division, had barely so much as greeted one another before that day, when they were able to hold hands and laugh at their common situations. I asked why they had felt so isolated until then and they were quick to reply that they were fearful of judgement by others should they share anything too personal, be it good or bad. It shouldn’t be that way!

If we look to nature for how females treat each other, we observe the queen bee that doesn’t let her crown slip for a moment. She is responsible for the survival of the hive and without her they will die. She spends her life in a perpetual state of reproduction, pleasure by drones and fussed over by the workers whose only goal is the prosperity of the hive. A woman assumes the role of queen bee of her home, taking on the responsibilities of mother, caregiver and decision-maker. When each queen bee comes together in the workplace her survival instinct kicks in. Reveal too much to the other queen bees (her colleagues) and her hive (her family) will suffer. She cannot be seen to show any weakness and retreats into the shell of a lone survivor.

Queens that they are, women are not bees. We are a highly evolved species that thrives on social interaction. In other words, you are not alone. Yes, you have to be the stalwart for your family, but when the responsibility becomes too much and you want to call it quits, there are people out there who can help and support you. I counsel many women in troubled relationships. Desperate and frustrated couples often rush to seek finality without first having been thoroughly counselled on their choices or how to engage in a constructive thought process. I create a safe environment and simplify legal alternatives so that couples are empowered to make informed decisions. Once the confusion clears, the solutions often become more realistic. I reminded my queens that morning that every woman has felt overwhelmed at some point in her life. When you reach that point and feel isolated from help or support, remember who you are and reach within yourself. You are the queen of your hive and everything you need to keep going comes from deep within you. Draw from that well of inner strength and hold your head up high.

Play some music (Queen B’s ‘I’m a survivor’ comes to mind!) and shake that booty until your vibrant spirit has replaced every drop of negativity. There is no such thing as a perfect woman, but nobody can be you better than you. When you celebrate your realness and diligently practise self-care, both you and your hive will thrive!

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